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New Work - Seeing Through The Fog

Since coming to California I have been responding to a new local clay from Comptche, CA - about 30 minutes from the Mendocino coast. As a byproduct of decomposed sandstone and sea floor sediment, this iron rich clay lacks the refractory capabilities of many Piedmont clays on the east coast. While I have begun blending with commercial clays to make a suitable high fire body, I am most interested in using this clay in its innate temperature range - about cone 5-6.

I am taking this opportunity to explore a body of work influenced by Japanese kohiki ware and early Korean buncheong ware. In these applications, white slip is applied over a coarse iron rich clay. Traditionally a high fire technique, I have adapted these techniques to a range that suites the firing range of the local clay.

Furthermore, I am interested in how the application of thick white slip mimics the coastal fog of the North Coast. Subtle variations in clay surface lurk beneath the cloudy depth of the slip, much like distant trees in a misty landscape. I'm fascinated with the potential of exploring this new landscape through a distinct body of work. More to follow.

Mitch Iburg