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For the past few months I've been confronting a curiosity with darkness and shadows. I am moved by how our perceptions change in different states of visibility - particularly in environments just above the threshold of vision. With only the slightest ability to see we encounter a complex range of emotions: mystery, curiosity, alertness, and fear. Walking home through the fields at night, I often find myself guided only by the dimly lit tree line on the horizon - nothing more than a blurry line between earth and sky. In such a state I am caught between knowing and not knowing, seeing and wondering - a feeling that I try to evoke by displaying work in similar quiet environments.

Shadows envelop the work - softening the line between form and formlessness. With fading light, what has been given shape slowly dissolves into the abyss of the unmade. In this state, the unity of form and shadow creates a single moment in which we are caught in a state of mystery - a quality that vanishes in full illumination.

Mitch Iburg