Home, Time, Traveling

Walking on the earth

calling each step home

I look to the new horizon

welcoming me with open arms

feeling no difference

between leaving and returning


Lately, my ideas have been connected to the ground I walk upon. Through traveling to different locations, this ground becomes a path. This past year I have challenged my idea of 'home' by leaving my familiar grounds of three years behind in order to pursue a nomadic lifestyle. We think of and dwell upon leaving home – creating a separation between the place we call our own and the place that is unfamiliar. I find a connection between this way we speak of home and the way we refer to time – primarily in our habit of using invented scientific measures to distinguish between one moment and the next, one place and the next. Time flows unobstructed, like water in a river – not like the ticking of a clock where the past, after becoming the present, waits to become the future. In the same way, I question our perception of familiar space. Can we ever really leave a place? It seems that, regardless of how far we travel from home, we are only expanding the outskirts of that familiar ground. With this, home becomes much bigger than we think.