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Wood Fire Invitational 2015 - Clay Studio of Missoula

I've had the wonderful privilege this week of working with a terrific group of contemporary wood fire artists in Missoula, Montana during the 2015 Wood Fire Invitational. This afternoon we finished our firing in the 620 cubic foot anagama kiln after 8 days of stoking and cooling in a reduction atmosphere to 1450 degrees f. For me, this firing offered another opportunity to test a recent body of work of indigenous clay bodies in different atmospheres. the kiln was fired to cone 11 in the front and 7 in the back, using a combination of 'beetle kill' pine, apple, and cottonwood - a high potassium wood creating ash that fluxes at lower temperatures. This choice of wood suits the lower temperature range preferred for the reduction cooling process - resulting in stronger colors without sacrificing natural ash surfaces. More photos will be uploaded later in the summer.