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          Each place we visit we find something to take with us. I believe that on some scale, we leave something of ourselves behind as well. Perhaps it is not that this act of taking in occurs simultaneously with letting go, but rather that after processing what has been absorbed, we later leave our trace in some form of thankfulness or expression of ourselves.

          This year I've had the great privilege to work in five unique environments throughout the country and over sea. The things I've acquired from these settings and the travels connecting them reveal themselves more each day. Likewise, I continuously develop my awareness of what I leave behind. It has become ritual to capture each place I visit through photography. One place.One moment. One photo. What begins as an act of memorialization in time unfolds into an act of giving thanks. With these I hope to capture emotion and memory of experience and portray them with great honesty.

Appomattox, Virginia May 2014

Middlesex, NY July 2014

Skaelskor, Denmark August 2014

Badlands NP, South Dakota Sept 2014

 Yellowstone NP, Wyoming Sept 2014

Craters Of The Moon NP, Idaho Sept 2014

Crater Lake NP, Oregon Sept 2014

Mendocino, California Sept 2014

North Liberty, IA December 2014

Albion, CA  Jan 2015

Mendocino, California May 2015

Mount Shasta, CA May 2015

Missoula, MT May 2015

Columbia Plateau, Central Oregon  May 2015

Bend, OR  May 2015

Mendocino, CA May 2015

Joshua Tree NP, CA  May 2015

Grand Canyon NP, AZ  May 2015

Petrified Forest NP, AZ  May 2015

Mitch Iburg