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Cycle of Movement, Cycle of Memory

     Breaking from our origins, we move like sand within sediment - traveling far from our source, yet never straying from its path.

     Summer builds to its full swing in Iowa.  Vegetables are nearly ripe in the garden. I listen to the emptiness in the air - a space I know will soon enough be inhabited by cicadas. Not an evening passes without a spectacular show of color and cloud on the horizon.
     As I settle into what is familiar, I am reminded of the constant shuffling, relocating, and transplanting of all things. While sending the hardened soil of a former home across the world to a new place, I can't help but feel my own uprooting as I prepare for my journey back west.

     The cycle is one similar to the process of erosion, transportation, and deposition of rock. Through this process, what is viewed as solitary is set in motion - leaving behind an immense history of transformation. Material is shaped by the immaterial as natural forces impinge, carve, and ultimately leave their trace in the solid history. These influences not only shape the world around us, but define the boundaries and histories of our own experience. Growth becomes synonymous with the means by which the world is shaped. It is the internal's response to the external. These responses are recorded in time - deposited as sediment - excavated as memory. Just as no two landscapes bear the same scars of the wind, no two individuals carry the same history.
     In time, these monuments face the same fate as the world around us. Memory fades, becoming little more than eroded elegies - standing in the place of ancient mountains.