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Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant

I'm thrilled to announce that I have been selected as a recipient of the 2018 Jerome Foundation Ceramic Artist Project Grant, provided by Northern Clay Center. I will be using resources from this grant to pursue a new sculptural body of work that aims to challenge conventional ideas and practices related to the use of local materials in the field of contemporary ceramics.

Throughout my career, the creation of ceramic vessels from local clays has been a significant tool for studying the dynamics of place, regional geology, and natural processes. Over time, I've realized that this work's dependency on clay minerals with attributes of plasticity has largely restricted my search to a narrow range of natural resources.

By investigating ways of "forming" and firing stones, minerals, sand, and other non-plastic resources that would otherwise inhibit conventional forming techniques, I hope to achieve new expressions of my environment and its unique geological history that are unbiased by the language of the vessel and its technical requirements.

These works represent a selection of the approaches and forms I anticipate investigating. Aggregates are collected throughout the states and are kiln-cast in custom made crucibles using low-fire glacial clays, limestone, and crushed feldspar as sintering agents.

Mitch Iburg