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Upcoming Summer Workshops

I'm excited to announce that my partner, Zoë Powell and I will be teaching two workshops later this summer.  Both workshops have limited registration, and will be great experiences for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of wild clay locating/processing and wood firing. Registration and additional course information is available at the venue websites.

July 23–27, 2018

Mendocino Art Center
42500 Little Lake Street
Mendocino, CA 95460

Participants will load and fire the MAC train kiln using non-traditional methods and materials in order to emphasize the soft effects, stone-like textures, and rich iron color palettes of mid-range wood firing. Please note that the kiln will be fired to a cooler temperature range of approximately cone 4 to cone 9. Bisque fired, unglazed, sculptural work is highly recommended.

Wild Clay Flyer copy.jpg

Wild Clay Weekend
August 23 - 28, 2018

Stone Bowl Farm
1258 Betts Bridge Road
West Pawlet, VT 05775

Participants will work through the stages of harvesting, processing, and testing wild clay materials in both oxidation and reduction atmospheres. Each workshop attendee will make several types of clay and glaze tests and will leave with an understanding of how to apply this knowledge to their own locations and studio practices.

This workshop will involve physical work as we explore the geology of Stone Bowl Farm and the surrounding area, as well as digging and preparing clay.  Participants should plan and dress accordingly. The workshop will include both ^6 oxidation firings and  ^ 10 firing of tests in the fast-fire wood kiln.




Mitch Iburg