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Recent Work - Mendocino Series - Pt. 1

While living in Mendocino I wanted to develop an approach to working that translated my experience with my surroundings. I was most interested in the geographical distance between the ocean to my west and coast range mountains to my east - especially in how the boundaries of their expressions clashed, overlapped, and in some areas blended into one.  Beyond an amazement with the visual byproducts of of subduction, erosion, and sedimentation, I was interested in how the rocks of the shore, which one would normally perceive as sedentary, were just as fluid as the ocean that bombarded them. In a sense, this meeting place of land and sea - the shore, reflects a plastic quality- responding to the water's presence via erosion and to its absence by lightening in color over time via oxidation. It was my hope to pursue a series of work which referenced the behavior of this source.